Understanding Carpet Cleaning Services

How Are Janitorial Services Different From Commercial Cleaning Services?

You understand the importance of a clean environment and how it can help boost productivity. A sanitary and polished work area is essential for employees and customers who may be in the business throughout the day. But do you call in commercial janitorial services or a commercial cleaning company for your cleaning needs? 

Although often thought to mean the same since both are concerned with cleaning services, janitorial services are different from commercial cleaning services in the following ways.

Scope of Cleaning

Janitorial services deal with minor everyday cleaning tasks like cleaning the office, taking out the trash, carpet vacuuming, and other frequent tasks. On the other hand, commercial cleaning services are more concerned with bigger cleaning tasks done in intervals like carpet cleaning done a few times a year.

Services Offered

Janitorial companies handle the day-to-day cleaning tasks and ensure the office is well maintained. Their services include emptying trash, cleaning offices and restrooms, vacuuming, sanitizing, and mopping hard surface floors.

In contrast, commercial companies offer heavier cleaning services such as window cleaning, power washing, grout cleaning, deep carpet cleaning, and furniture or upholstery cleaning.

Frequency of Services

Commercial cleaning companies deal with deep cleaning, which is not often required as you don't need your building deep cleaned daily. Thus, you might need to contract their services at certain scheduled times during the year, usually once or twice.

Janitorial services deal with cleaning services which are required daily.


There is a huge difference in cost between a janitorial company and a cleaning company. A commercial cleaning company is more expensive compared to a janitorial service, daily janitorial services can add up. The factors which affect the prices of commercial cleaning services include the size of the space to be cleaned, demand, and special requests. 

The method of charging will also vary. Some companies may charge for their services per hour, while others may charge per square foot. The average prices range from $0.07 to $0.15 for every square foot or $50 to 100 per hour. 

For janitorial services, the main factors that affect the cost are the size of the rooms you would like cleaned and the duration it will take to clean.

You Know Which Services to Seek

Cleanliness is paramount both at home and at the workplace. Having outlined the differences between janitorial services and a commercial cleaning company, you can make an informed decision on who to call. Get in touch with a professional cleaner today for your cleaning needs.