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The Pros And Cons Of Professional Pressure Washing

Cleaning your home's exterior by hand is tedious and time consuming, but cleaning is vital to keep the exterior surfaces free of dirt, debris, and mold if you want to extend the life of your home to its maximum potential. Fortunately, cleaning by hand is not the only option. Pressure washing is one of the quickest and most efficient methods for removing exterior dirt and mildew. But many homeowners wonder whether they should attempt a DIY approach or hire professional residential pressure washers. If this is your conundrum too, here are the pros and cons of choosing a professional over attempting your own DIY pressure washing job.


Extend Lifespan of Home's Exterior

One of the best reasons to hire a residential pressure washing expert is to extend the life of the exterior of your home and outbuildings. A buildup of dirt and mildew is a combination that will result in decay and disaster for your siding, fascia, decks, doors, windows, concrete, and more. If you can keep these surfaces clean, you can extend their lifespan exponentially. Consider pressure washing the exterior of your home at least once a year for maximum protection.


One vital reason to hire a pro rather than attempting a DIY job is safety. Pressure washers have a surprising amount of force packed into a small machine. You could injure yourself if you aren't familiar with the machine and the extreme pressures you're working with when using it. Hiring a professional will eliminate those dangers. Professionals have the experience and skill to do the job safely.

Avoid Damage

Not only can you injure yourself with a pressure washer, but you can also damage the very surfaces you're trying to clean and protect. If you aren't familiar with the machine and its power, you can strip paint off siding, strip protective surfaces off decks, damage the wood underneath, and even potentially damage concrete, requiring expensive replacements and repairs.



The biggest and potentially only drawback of hiring a professional pressure washer instead of doing it yourself is the cost. You can expect to pay between $200 and $400 to have your home professionally pressure washed. However, you will pay close to the same amount to buy your own pressure washer. Renting a pressure washer is a little cheaper, but there is still a massive learning curve and you could cause expensive damage, eliminating any savings you made via the DIY route.

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