Understanding Carpet Cleaning Services

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

Carpet can improve your home's aesthetics and shield you against the floor's cold when walking barefoot. However, you need to maintain your carpet to serve you for longer. One essential carpet maintenance activity is cleaning. However, you may not always know when to clean your carpet. So, how often should you perform carpet cleaning?

When You Spot Stains

Spills on your carpet may cause visible staining, especially if your carpet has bright colors. The stains make your carpet look unattractive, and you don't want your guests feeling uncomfortable when they visit. In this regard, get a professional carpet cleaner to wash your carpet. Professionals usually use effective cleaning agents and equipment to eliminate tough stains.

When Your Pets or Family Members Experience Allergic Reactions

When your carpet is dusty, you may notice your pets or family members sneezing if they have allergies. Remember that dust is an allergen that can trigger allergic reactions. Also, pet dander and dust mites are allergens that may hide in the carpet fibers. Therefore, carpet cleaning is essential to eliminate these allergens and protect your family's health.

When Your Carpet Emanates a Bad Odor

When pet urine, vomit, or fecal matter contact your rug, the carpet may emulate a foul odor. The odor may make your indoors uncomfortable, making carpet cleaning a priority. Cleaning eliminates the dirt and grime that cause a bad smell. Also, the cleaning agents leave your carpet feeling fresh, increasing comfort inside your home.

When Your Home Has High Traffic

If your home has high traffic of people, that means that your carpet may get dirty faster. Additionally, if people enter your home with shoes, their shoes may leave dirt on your rug. If you have toddlers and pets, the chances are that your rug will need to be cleaned often. That's because pets and kids may make a mess on your rug when playing or eating. Moreover, if you have a smoker in your home, the tar and nicotine from cigarettes may accumulate on your carpet. This also calls for regular carpet cleaning.

When Your Carpet Becomes Infested With Pests

Pests such as bed bugs and ticks may hide in your carpet. Bed bugs can bite you, causing skin irritation. Also, ticks can suck on your pet's blood and transmit diseases like Anaplasmosis in dogs. Carpet cleaning rids these pests from your home.

You should wash your carpet when your family experiences allergic reactions or when your carpet is stained, pest-infested, or emanates a foul smell. Also, clean your carpet often when your home has high traffic. Consider hiring a carpet cleaning service like Ed's Cleaning Service to do the cleaning regularly when you notice these signs.