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Water Damage In The Bathroom: When It's Time To Call The Pros

Water damage in the bathroom is nothing new. You can overflow a bathtub or have a toilet overflow, a sink back up, or other issues in the bathroom area. Some of these issues are easily cleaned up using a towel and opening a bathroom window for ventilation. Some bathroom water issues, however, should only be handled by a water damage restoration service.

You should always ventilate your bathroom after anything is spilled on the floor to help prevent the floor from warping and to discourage the growth of mold and mildew. Use a bathroom fan or open a window when you bathe or shower to keep condensation and steam to a minimum and use this guide so you know when it's time to call a water damage restoration specialist for your bathroom.

The water damage is sewage

If your toilet or sink is backed up because of a sewage or septic tank issue, call a water restoration specialist immediately and don't attempt to do any cleanup on your own. These waters are contaminated with viruses, bacteria, and diseases that can make you and your loved ones sick. You need a water damage restoration specialist to clean up the water damage and make sure there is no sewage under sinks or under flooring that can cause residual damage.

A water damage restoration specialist uses special gear to protect their skin and mucus membranes while they clean up the debris in your bathroom area, and they also use commercial fans and other tools to keep the area ventilated and dry. Once they have completed the cleanup method, they then remove the damaged flooring, walls, and other parts of the bathroom that have been harmed to help restore your bathroom to its original condition.

The water damage was standing water

Did your bathroom leak while you were out of town or gone at work for the day? If you came home to standing water in your bathroom, the floors may already be warping or the walls might already be severely damaged. The only way to know for sure — and to repair the damage so it doesn't worsen — is to hire a water damage restoration company to remove the water you are unable to get out. The sooner you call a water restoration specialist, the sooner you can use your bathroom again. Your water damage restoration specialist will try to identify what caused your bathroom flooding in the first place so the issue won't reoccur.