Understanding Carpet Cleaning Services

Three Immediate Things To Do After Having Your Apartment's Carpet Cleaned

Carpet cleaning does more than just remove stains from your floor. Carpets tend to hold in pollen, pet hair, and scents, so a carpet cleaning will help to increase the overall quality of air inside of your home. Maintaining the cleanliness of the carpets is a good idea as it will keep your family healthy and your home visually appealing in the long term. Here are three actions to take immediately after your carpets have been shampooed. 

Put down new or cleaned throw rugs

One of the best ways to keep your carpet properly cleaned is to place throw rugs over the carpet. The one action that many miss is that the throw rugs also need to be cleaned properly prior to placing them over a clean carpet. A handheld or professionals shampoo machine can also clean a large rug. Some rugs are able to be pressure washed or even placed inside of a commercial washer and dryer, depending on their care instructions. Be sure to clean all rugs or purchase new living area rugs in order to protect your newly cleaned carpet. 

Institute an all-house shoe rule

Not wearing shoes on the carpet will ensure that you do not track items from the bottoms of your shoe soles onto the cleaned carpet. However, going barefoot is not always the best way to go about protecting the carpet either. Oil and sweat from the body can easily be tracked onto the carpet via bare feet. These are difficult to see, but they can cause buildup inside of the carpet over time. Instead of going barefoot at home, institute a rule that family, friends, and guests either wear house shoes or clean socks. For guests, you can keep a pair of fresh socks or inexpensive, clean house shoes at the door to wear. 

Watch for the plants and knick-knacks

If you are a plant lover or a collector of décor, you should be careful in the placement of these items once you move furniture back inside after a carpet cleaning. Leaves or blossoms can shed water and pots can leak into the carpet. This can cause mold or mildew to build up in the carpets over the long term. Leaf shedding will also cause buildups in the bottom of the carpets over time, which can cause discoloration. Place all plants or inside trees over a proper covering or place them on a hardwood surface. Make sure that knick-knacks are kept inside of an enclosed space, such as a glass drawer where they can be enjoyed visually but will not cause dust building that falls onto the carpet.