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Factors Influencing Commercial Office Cleaning Costs

Have you ever wondered how commercial cleaning companies compute their quotes? When you approach commercial office cleaning services, you must know what goes into every quote you find. Some companies bill you based on the square footage or hourly rates, while others charge depending on the frequency of service delivery. Hiring an office cleaning service has immense benefits for your business. The first impressions that potential customers get from your perfectly cleaned office determine whether they want to do business with you.

You should work with a commercial cleaning outfit that inspects your office to evaluate the scope of work needed based on your office size. Here are other aspects that determine the cost of commercial office cleaning.

1. Office Size

The size of your office directly influences the cost of cleaning services. A miniature office doesn't require much cleaning. You will pay less. If your office is expansive, with a high number of workstations or stalls, you can expect to pay more. A larger office requires more labor, equipment, and personnel, a skilled cleaning firm factors all these aspects before billing you. If they bill according to the square footage, you will pay more for a bigger office.

2. Frequency

Do you need the office cleaning firm to wash your facility daily or once in a while? The frequency of service delivery determines the amount you'll pay. You should evaluate the human traffic you receive, the number of employees, work intensity, and the hours your office is operational. This helps you to determine how often you need the cleaning company to come over. If they have to clean your office daily, the costs will go up.

3. Type of Cleaning

Your office has unique cleaning needs. If you require light cleaning regularly, the costs are likely to be low. If you require deep cleaning fortnightly, the cost can go up. If you need the one-off kind of deep cleaning, the personnel will be handling those hard-to-reach areas. 

If your office is ever busy, the mess and high volume of waste require thorough cleaning. If the cleaners are tasked with additional duties like window or toilet cleaning, you'll pay much more. Remember, if the cleaning tasks are hazardous, the commercial office cleaning entity needs special equipment. It adds to the cost of service delivery.

4. Cleaning Company Policy

Commercial office cleaning firms come with different billing rates and policies. They bill clients differently. It's imperative to weigh several companies before settling on one. You should query their office cleaning packages, and work with one that offers a customized rate that suits your needs.

Get professional office cleaning services by calling commercial office cleaning services in your area.