Understanding Carpet Cleaning Services

How A Carpet Repair Service Can Help The Holes In Your Carpet

If you have carpet on your stairs, it might easily sustain damage Fortunately, there are many things you can do to repair the damage, one of which is hiring a carpet repair service. Below are different methods they may use to get your carpeted stairs looking great again.

Remove Damaged Area

The first thing the carpet repair service will do is to remove the damaged carpeting. They will use a specific knife in order to do this. This does take skill, as the cuts will have to be made correctly in order to move forward in the repair process.

Once the damaged carpet is removed from your stairs, the nails will then be removed. This will also be done very carefully. If this is done in the wrong way, the wood underneath the carpeting will be damaged.  

Repair Methods

There are different repair methods that will be used. This will depend on the type of damage the carpet on your stairs has. One common method is known as re-tufting. This will be chosen if there is only a small amount of carpet damaged, such as small holes. With this, the carpet repair service contractor will start out by removing some of the carpet fibers that are close to the damaged area. They then weave undamaged carpet fibers into the carpet so that they cover the damaged area. When finished, you will never know the holes were there.

If there are larger holes on the carpet stairs, the repair service will re-patch the carpet. This means replacing the entire area with new carpeting. This works best if you have extra carpeting left over from when you had the carpet installed on your stairs. If you do not have this carpeting, the contractor will do their best to find carpeting that matches well. They will ensure the repair is not noticeable when they are finished.

If the holes are close to the edge of the carpet on the stairs, the carpet repair service can also repair this. To do this, they will use special knives and remove the seams and damaged sections. They will then use new carpeting to replace this damaged carpet. They will be very careful in making sure the seams are at the very edge as they were before. 

The carpet repair service contractor can give you much more information about the different repair methods they use and how it all works. For more information about carpet repair, contact a local business.