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Two Things To Consider When Buying An Older Home

Buying a home is an exciting event but can come with a long laundry list of things to do. You will need to have the proper inspections done on the home before you decide to follow through with the sale. Older homes often have a longer list of people who have lived on the property. These homes can have clay pipes, radiant heating elements, and other fixtures or systems that are outdated. Here are two things you need to consider when buying an older home:

House Decontamination 

You should have your home tested for traces of meth and other harmful substances before you sign final contracts. If these tests come back positive, it means there is a lot of work to be done. Living in a house that is contaminated with meth means that these dangerous chemicals can be absorbed into many materials in the home. Flooring, walls, carpet, and anything porous can pass along this contamination. You need to hire cleaning services to come and address the situation. They come in full protective gear and will remove the parts of the home that have been affected. This is a large job because they need to remove anything with even trace amounts. You would not be able to continue renovations or live in the space until the meth tests come back clear. Contact a local house decontamination company to learn more or to get started.


If this old home is at the top of your price range, you may need to negotiate some major repairs or up your budget. Older homes were made with different materials. Clay pipes are common for many older homes and over time, they can crack and break. Tree roots, ground movement, or any new construction can cause this damage and leave you with some massive plumbing issues. You should have your sewer or septic lines scoped by a professional who can assess the state of the plumbing on the property. You will need to replace them eventually, so keep that in mind even if there are no present issues.

Buying an older home can be a great way to help preserve history and get some great character. Making sure your home is safe and something your pocketbook can handle is very important before you sign on that dotted line. Find the right inspectors and cleaning professionals to help you with this purchase so you can start living in your home.