Understanding Carpet Cleaning Services

Home Carpet Cleaning Tips To Get Your Carpets Cleaner

The carpeting inside your home helps insulate the floors and makes them more comfortable to walk on, in addition to reducing noise inside your home. But when your home's carpeting is well-used, it collects dirt, stains, and odors, which can all decrease the health and condition inside your home. So when your home's carpeting needs to be cleaned, here are some tips to help you out in the process.

Watch The Moisture 

There are many styles of carpet cleaners you can buy or rent, each of them using some type of water solution to treat the carpets in your home. However, you should look at the process that the cleaner uses to extract the water from your carpets because this can be the downfall of your carpet cleaning efforts.

When your carpet cleaner puts too much water into your carpeting during the cleaning process, removing it all can be difficult, especially if it gets down into the pad. It can be common for you to repeatedly move the carpet cleaner machine over the same dirty spot on your carpets in order to clean it better. But this just puts more water into the carpeting that can be hard to remove, which results in mildew and mold in the carpets and carpets that don't get fully dried out.

For very dirty carpets, you should hire a professional carpet cleaner who has a commercial cleaner with the power to fully extract much of the moisture, allowing your carpets to dry quickly. There are several low- or no-moisture carpet cleaning options a professional can provide to minimize the moisture left in your carpets.

Manage Carpet Shampoo

Another consideration to help you out in the carpet cleaning process is to be careful of the amount of carpet shampoo you use on your carpets. The shampoo solution with the water treatment is meant to go into the carpets and lift up the dirt and odors. However, if you over-treat an area with the carpet cleaning solution, you are also putting excessive amounts of cleaner into the carpeting. And when you cannot pull all the shampoo up, it will stay in your carpet, attracting excess dirt.

The reason this occurs is that carpet shampoo naturally attracts dirt to remove it from your carpets. But if it stays in your carpets, it becomes a magnet to re-soil your carpets even worse than before. A high-powered professional-grade carpet cleaner will use the amount of carpet cleaning solution and extract it all to leave your carpets dirt- and residue-free.

Contact a professional carpet cleaning service to learn more.