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Why Sopping Up Water After A Dishwasher Break-Down Isn't Enough

Having a dishwasher break down is a major headache, but the break-down isn't the only issue. If your dishwasher started spraying water all over your kitchen, or worse yet, flooded the room, don't think you can stop at just soaking up the water. This is only the first step to getting your kitchen back in one piece. If you stop there, you may be allowing damage to develop in your kitchen. However, with quick action, it's not too late. Read on to discover the threats facing your kitchen right now.


Water and wood don't mix, and the same can be said of any wood in your cabinetry. Chances are your dishwasher was in or near cabinets in your kitchen that got wet during the break-down. Unfortunately, if the cabinets were wet for a long time or were partially submerged, then more damage is likely to develop in the wood over time. This is a problem called wood rot, where water comes into contact with treated or untreated wood and starts to break it down from the inside out.


Another part of your kitchen that's susceptible to wood rot is your floor. The floor is particularly problematic because water can be sopped up from the top layer, but if any sinks into the floor, there's no easy way to get it out again.

Side Effects of Wood Rot

Wood rot sounds unpleasant, and it is. When this happens to your home or furniture, it literally means that the wood is rotting. Unfortunately, rot spreads. The area that was initially damaged by water may develop wood rot that spreads to more parts of the cabinet or floor, damaging them irreparably in the process.

When it comes to your cabinet, the wood may not be able to support the weight of anything anymore. On the floor, there's an even bigger threat, as with severe enough wood rot you can end up with holes in the floor.

If that weren't enough, wood rot tends to develop mold as a side effect. Mold is extremely dangerous to your health and not something to be messed around with. Since it can grow in damp environments, wood rot is a great place for mold to thrive. Unfortunately, it can make you sick just by breathing it in or touching it, so trying to clean up the mold by yourself isn't a good idea.

If your kitchen has been through a wet nightmare, then it's time to call in a water damage professional. Getting help right away can limit the damage that's done to your kitchen and can greatly improve your chances of recovering your cabinetry and flooring without needing a total replacement.