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Prepare Your Beach House For Vacationers

If you own a beach house and rent it out on occasion to people who are visiting the area, the residence needs to be sanitized and orderly if you hope to do business with the same people on a recurring basis. Because it may not be feasible for you to drive down to the house to perform maintenance needs in a timely manner, there are some steps that you can take to get the residence ready for guests before they arrive.

Perform An Inspection After Guests Have Left

Don't accept a multitude of guests, one right after the other, if you are not willing to commit to the upkeep of the vacation home. It can be time-consuming to prepare the residence for each person who will be staying there, but you can reduce the amount of work that will need to be performed before a guest's arrival by inspecting and tidying up after a guest has checked out.

If you cannot head down to the property right away, hire someone who can perform a spot check and report to you. Things like trash and leftover food should be removed from the premises immediately. Linens and towels need to be removed from each room and laundered, folded, and put away. Drape covers over the furnishings or supply furniture covers to whoever will be handling the tidying up requirements.

Hire A Crew To Clean Up And Disinfect Surfaces And Materials

Hire a cleaning crew to sanitize and clean the home's interior. Interview the team of cleaners who you are interested in hiring and fill them in on the steps that you expect to be handled. Because the home may be unoccupied for long stints, dust will probably be covering exposed surfaces. A thorough cleaning will involve wiping off surfaces, vacuuming, laundering curtains, and making beds.

In addition, your cleaning crew will need to restock toilet paper and toiletries, clean appliances, and inspect lighting, outlets, and other items that your guests will be using. Ask the members of the crew if they will be available on short term notice and if you will need to pay an additional fee for last-minute cleaning tasks.

If you are satisfied with the responses you receive and are convinced that hiring the crew will be beneficial, set up a time to meet at the vacation home to walk through each room with the cleaners. During this meeting, point out various items in the house that you would like to be addressed during each cleaning session. Contact a company like Briggs Clean and Shine to get the cleaning crew you need.