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5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Home Office Cleaner

A clean home office is not only more appealing to work in for hours at a time, but it also boosts productivity and your own health. However, many Americans who work from home have difficulty finding the time and tools to keep their home office in its best shape. Have you suffered this problem? If so, here are a few easy hacks to make office maintenance easier on yourself.

Limit Paper

Paperwork is the bane of many office workers' existence. And it leads to piles, rubbish, and messes in your work space. But modern technology means that you can banish much of that paper from your space. Opt for scanning and digital storage instead of physical storage. Think carefully about the need to print anything out. And research the guidelines about how long to retain various documents.

Don't Over-Decorate

Your office should reflect your personality and include items that make you happy. But keep these embellishments to a minimal amount. The more decor you add, the more items are on the desk, and the more furniture you have, the more you'll need to clean and maintain. Extra decoration also creates places where junk will accumulate and hide. Make it easy on yourself to begin with.

Keep Supplies Handy

The handier a cleaning supply is, the more likely it is to be used. Place antibacterial wipes right on the desk or in the right-hand drawer for quick uses. Hang a dusting wand next to the door. Place sufficient garbage and recycling bins within arm's reach of the desk and any other work spaces.

Organize Your Own Chaos

Know your own working style. If you like to have a bunch of different choices for office supplies, by all means keep them — but trap them all in a desk organizer. Have a job that requires lots of paper? Use open-top baskets to keep it in one place rather than everywhere. Need many reference binders? Hang a couple of handy shelves to keep them out of your way. Whatever your situation, find ways to give homes to your stuff.

Hire a Service

Most businesses have a professional cleaning service to do at least some of the office maintenance for them. Why should your home business be any different? If you run your own business, this service is a deductible expense. Even if you're on a tight budget, outsource a thorough seasonal cleaning service to keep things from getting out of hand.

If you follow these few tips, your home office will soon be sparkling and fresh. Then, you can concentrate on the important business of earning your living rather than constantly cleaning.

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