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3 Tips For Getting An Accurate Quote For Having Your Office Cleaned

You may be interested in having your office professionally cleaned by an office janitorial service. One thing that you might be wondering about is how much it is going to cost; after all, you'll need to know so that you can fit it into your budget. To get the most accurate quote when you inquire about office janitorial services, remember these three tips.

1. Get an In-Person Quote

You may be hoping that you can get price quotes over the phone for your office cleaning. After all, this might seem like a good way to get information from multiple office janitorial services without any commitment. However, even though you might be able to get some information over the phone, you will probably get the most accurate quote for cleaning services in person. This is because if someone comes in to take a look at your office, he or she will have more information about your office and how difficult and time-consuming it might be to clean. Then, this information can be used to come up with an accurate quote for you.

2. Determine How Often Your Office Will Need Cleanings

Next, you should think ahead about how often you will want to have your office cleaned. This will vary a lot based on how busy your office is and how much cleaning your regular staff members do. For example, in a smaller office where the employees might tidy up the break room and their own desks, then cleanings might only be needed a couple of times a month. In a busier office where the employees might not do much cleaning, though, you might need to have someone out more frequently, such as once a week or more. Let someone from the office janitorial service know about how frequently you will need cleanings so that you can get more accurate pricing information.

3. Mention Any Special Requests

You might have special requests for your office cleanings that might go over and above what the janitorial service often does. Even though the janitorial service might be more than happy to tackle these requests for you, there might be an extra charge. For example, you may want to request that only natural cleaning products be used when your office is being cleaned. If you're upfront about these additional requests, you can both make sure that they are accommodated and make sure that you get accurate pricing information.