Understanding Carpet Cleaning Services

Improve Carpet Cleaning Results With A Thorough Dusting Before The Service

When you decide that your carpeting needs to be cleaned, you can schedule an appointment for the soonest available date and end up with pretty decent results. But you may want to invest a bit of time and effort into the process before the cleaners arrive to make sure that you can get the greatest outcome. One of the most important things that you can do before getting professional service is dusting around your home. Knowing which areas to dust will maximize cleanliness after carpet cleaning.

Window Treatments

If you have curtains as window treatments throughout the house, you may not have to worry too much about the dust getting all over because you can remove them and put them in the wash. But this is not possible when you have wood or vinyl blinds. Instead, you have to give each slat a thorough wipe down, which will result in some dust falling onto the carpeting. When this happens before the cleaners arrive, you know the dust will be picked up.

Light Fixtures

Cleaning the light fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms will not have an impact on carpet cleaning because these fixtures are in rooms without carpeting. But you should prioritize cleaning all the light fixtures in areas with carpeting because dust will get spread around.

If you decide to dust the ceiling light fixtures instead of taking them down to wash them thoroughly, you should expect a lot of dust to get on the carpeting. For this reason, wait to do this until the day before or the day of your carpet cleaning service to keep the dust from getting pushed further into the carpet fibers while your family walks around the house.

Ceiling Fans

Another feature worth cleaning is ceiling fans, especially the blades, where dust is most likely to build up. While you can use a damp paper towel to prevent most dust from getting onto the floor, it's still smart to handle this process before you get carpet cleaning.

You may even want to turn the fan on to let the loose dust come off so that it can land on the carpet. This step will keep dust buildup from staying on the fans and needing to be cleaned later.

After following these steps to dust your home, you should feel confident about getting the best results with carpet cleaning because you know extra dust will be getting picked up. When you're ready, contact carpet cleaning pros like A Steam Pro Carpet Cleaning.