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Things Homeowners Should Know About Duct Cleaning

The ducting in your home is an important part of the air conditioning and heating system. However, homeowners will find that these ducts can become extremely dirty over time. For a homeowner to be able to manage this aspect of maintaining a home, there are some key pieces of information that should be considered.

Clean Ducts Can Help To Reduce Your Allergies

The dirt that accumulates in your ducting can have major impacts on the overall air quality in the home. This is a major consideration for individuals that have a history of suffering from allergies. As the dirt and dust in the ducting increases, these individuals may find that their allergy symptoms continue to worsen.

Standard Air Filters May Be Insufficient For Your Needs

For those that need the air quality to be as high as possible, standard air filters may prove to be inadequate for meeting this end. In particular, standard air filters will continue to have gaps in them that can allow small allergen particles to pass through. Preventing these substances from accumulating will require the use of hypoallergenic air filters, as these are designed to be able to intercept and capture extremely small allergen particles.

Dirty Air Ducts Can Impact Your System's Performance

In addition to creating the potential for breathing problems, dirty ducting can also reduce the overall performance of the system by constricting the air flowing through the ducts. This problem can be particularly severe if the accumulations start to gather near the vents of the system. These effects on performance may be more noticeable in older units, as these systems may not be as powerful as newer systems. Cleaning the ducting will require you to hire professionals, but if the dirt accumulations are reducing your system's performance, the costs of this work may be offset by the gains in energy efficiency.

Plants Near Your System's Intact Can Increase The Need To Clean Your Ducts

Keeping pollen-producing plants away from the outdoor unit can be another important step for maximizing the quality of the air in your home. The pollen from these plants can easily be sucked into the system, which can cause these allergens to be spread throughout the home's interior. For the best results, it can be worthwhile to keep these plants at least several feet away from the system. Furthermore, you should regularly wash the exterior unit to remove any pollen or other allergens that may have started to accumulate on its exterior.

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