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Six Potential Problems Regular Chimney Sweep Cleanings Can Prevent

If you have a chimney that's part of your commercial facility, you need to make sure that you keep up on regular cleanings to prevent a variety of problems that could be costly to your business. The following are six potential problems regular commercial chimney cleanings can prevent at company facilities:

Cracks or wear and tear that develop over time in the flue

A cleaning is more than just a cleaning when it comes to chimney maintenance. During a cleaning, chimney cleaning service providers will also perform an overall inspection of a chimney and look out for any problems that are developing like cracks in the chimney's flue.

Chimneys come under constant stress from heat that can lead to the development of cracks in a chimney's tile linings. It's important to have repairs performed promptly when cracks do develop to keep a chimney in good shape and prevent more severe malfunctions over time. 

Excessive accumulation of creosote over time

Perhaps the biggest problem that develops over time in chimneys is creosote buildup. Creosote buildup develops in chimneys as wood is burned and creosote accumulates in deposits on the chimney's lining. Creosote is a dark colored tar, and it tends to accumulate along with soot. 

Creosote deposits are highly flammable and create a fire hazard. They need to be cleaned out periodically to keep a commercial chimney safe.

Crumbling of bricks and any mortar work

Over time, the mortar work within a chimney becomes likely to crumble because of all the heat and stress chimney surfaces are subjected to. Regular chimney cleanings can look out for crumbling brick and mortar work to ensure that it is replaced or repaired before the chimney becomes severely weakened structurally.

Damage to the crown or cap of the chimney

A chimney's crown and cap protect the interior of a chimney and the entire building beneath from the outdoor elements.

Over time, the cap and crown could become weakened and allow moisture to enter the chimney and create safety issues. Regular chimney cleanings will ensure that the crown and cap are still functioning properly and keeping moisture out.

Blockages caused by animal nests

Animals are often attracted to chimneys because they find chimneys to be ideal places for building nests. During a chimney cleaning, nests and any animal presence will be cleared out so that air and smoke can flow unobstructed through the chimney.

Failure to meet industrial standards

Certain industries are subject to regulations detailing how often a chimney needs to be cleaned out. It's important to look into standards set by the National Fire Protection Association to make sure that you're adequately maintaining your commercial chimney and won't be subject to any fines or penalties.