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Why You Need To Clean Out An Enclosed Chimney In Your Older Home Before Re-Opening It

Moving into an older house can be exciting and like walking back into the past. This can be especially true about homes that are old enough to hold historical value. In many older houses, fireplaces that were once used daily have been closed off for purposes of creating greater energy efficiency and improved aesthetics. If you would like to re-open an enclosed fireplace, you will need to have the chimney inspected by a professional chimney cleaner first.

Looking At The Chimney Top

Even though the fireplace inside your home is enclosed, it does not mean the chimney top has been closed off as well. When you start re-opening an enclosed fireplace, starting outside at the top of chimney is important to find any animals that may be living inside it. This is common in homes with enclosed fireplace that have open chimneys. You could end up finding squirrels, birds and opossums living in your chimney. Sadly, wild animals can die in your chimney, leaving behind a decomposing body that can be dangerous and smelly in your home. For the safest chimney inspection and initial cleaning, hiring a professional chimney cleaner is the best way to go.

When Your Old Chimney Needs Repairs

Many old chimneys will require brick and mortar replacement. Over time, old bricks in your chimney may have become loosened, causing your chimney to be unsafe to use. An experienced chimney cleaner can use advanced tools like fiberscopes for inspecting the interior of your old chimney. Preventing a fire in your home from using an old chimney is your number one priority when refurbishing an old chimney and fireplace. If you worry about your chimney losing its historical appeal, you can have the same bricks put back into place with new mortar. Chimney restoration on a historical level is possible with proper cleaning and preparation for use.

Why Your Old Chimney Needs A New Lining

If your old chimney does not have a liner, having one installed can help you avoid drafts coming through your chimney. A liner can also help to prevent dangerous gases from entering the interior of your home. If you plan to have a wood stove insert installed in your fireplace, you will need to have a chimney liner before your chimney will be up to code for passing its final inspection.

Being able to enjoy your older home is a lot easier when you can sit in front of a crackling fire on cold nights. If you are ready to restore your old fireplace chimney, talk to an experienced chimney cleaner like Country Corner Chimney Sweeps.