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Want To Sell Quick? 6 Simple Ways To Prep Your House To Fly Off The Market

Selling your house quickly means less stress and the ability to move on quickly with your next phase of life. But, how can you help ensure a fast sale for a good price? Here are 5 tips for anyone on any budget.

Green It Up. Clean up the yard as well as you can. This includes greening up the lawn with both heavy watering and fertilizer. Remove any debris, loose leaves, kids' toys and weeds. Trim back bushes and trees to make the yard seem cleaner. Clear the walkways and replace any broken parts. Apply fresh mulch or small stone mix to any areas that you can't replant in time. 

Clean the Floors. If the carpets are in reasonably good condition or if you can't afford to replace them, give it a professional carpet cleaning just before listing the home. If possible, consider cleaning it again if the home doesn't sell right away. Shine hardwood floors, as well, to help visitors see a well-maintained home. 

Declutter. It's a good idea to go through every room in your home and remove about 1/3 of the items in it. While this may seem extreme, decluttering allows potential buyers to see their own stuff in the space instead of what you have filled it with. Get rid of personal items first, including collectibles, mementos, most family photos and nearly everything in the kids' rooms. 

Make it Neutral. New owners want to be able to visualize living in the space, so remove excess signs of personalization in the form of colors. If you have any bold colored walls, consider repainting them to a more neutral hue. You may also want to consider replacing bold carpeting if possible -- changing it out for a simple white, cream or tan color.

Increase the Welcome. Make a good first impression by making your front entrance entice. Give the front door a fresh coat of paint -- preferably a bold color to stand out from the crowd. Fill some pots with colorful flowers or bright greenery and place them on the immediate porch. Change the light fixture if it needs an update. 

Fix Minor Repairs. If you want to convince buyers that your home is well-maintained, start by fixing the small maintenance items you've been putting off. This includes things like ensuring gutters and downspouts work well, spackling cracks, repairing nonfunctional outlets, replacing light bulbs and fixing broken tiles. Minor repairs that haven't been attended to give the impression that major repairs are waiting as well. 

By knowing what to do to make your home easier for buyers to see themselves living in, you can help yourself achieve the quickest home sale possible for the best price you can get.