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Three Tips For Keeping Your Home Clean And Neat During The Holidays

In addition to good cheer and delicious food, the holidays typically bring an increase in visitors and season-associated messes to the home. Keeping your house clean during this busy time of year can be very challenging. Here are three tips to help you stay ahead of the clutter and keep your home clean during the holidays.

Minimize Dishwashing

One chore that often quickly gets out of hand is the dishwashing. With so much cooking, baking, and eating, it's not unusual to have the sink fill up with dishes night after night. There are several things you can do to keep the dishwashing at a manageable level.

One is to serve the food directly from the pan rather than transferring it to serving dishes. This will cut down on the amount of dishes you have to do and may make cleanup easier depending on whether you use disposable serving pans. Rinsing off dishes and putting them in the dishwasher right away will help keep the counters clear, while immediately soaking dishes with baked-on debris will prevent a lot of hard scrubbing later on. Lastly, enlist the help of pre-teens and teens by appointing them dish monitors and offering them a reward if they manage to keep the sink clear.

Make Use of Convenience Cleaning Items

Another way to keep your home clean is to make good use of convenience items. For instance, keep disposable cleaning cloths nearby to quickly wipe down and disinfect counters and sinks. Minimize the number of times you have to clean the toilet bowel by putting tablets in the tank that clean and disinfect the bowel with each flush. Keep a light mop that uses disposable cleaning pads near doors to clean up muddy or wet footprints.

Maximize the Coat Closet

An influx of guests also means an assortment of coats, bags, and other items to deal with. One thing you can do is maximize the hall closet to handle your guests' items. Move the stuff you normally store there to another room such as the garage or attic, and then make sure there are plenty of hangers for coats. Install a cube organizer where people can place their shoes and handbags. A decorative kitchen garbage can with a plastic liner makes an inexpensive umbrella stand for umbrellas dampened by rain or snow.

Keeping your home clean during the holidays often requires a little extra work. You can get some help by hiring house cleaning services from a local cleaning company, such as Service King. These professionals can help you deep clean your home or provide necessary touch ups that ensure you and your guests enjoy each other's company in a clean and neat environment.