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How To Repair A Small Section Of Your Carpet

If you discover that your dog has chewed away a small section of your carpet or its been damaged by chairs frequently moving over it, you might decide you need to repair this small section. Follow these steps to have your carpet looking as good as new.

1. Find a Remnant of Your Carpeting

When your carpeting was installed, there's a chance that the people who installed it saved a few pieces of the carpeting precisely for patching it. If you weren't there at the time of the installation or if you didn't save any pieces of your carpet, go to a carpeting store with a detailed picture of your carpet, as well as a description of the color and see if you can find match. It's likely that the carpeting store will be willing to sell you a square foot of carpeting to aid you in your patching mission if you find a match.

2. Cut the Carpet to Size

Next, cut the remnant to the appropriate size by outlining a space that's larger than the area that needs to be repaired using the indentation that a soup can or coffee can makes. This will give you a guide for where you will need to cut.

3. Remove the Damaged Carpet

Using the same coffee can or soup can that you used before, make an indentation all around the area that needs to be removed. Then, use a craft knife to cut around the indentation that you made. Carefully remove the damaged part from the rest of the carpet using a butter knife to pry it up if need be. The butter knife will not scratch the floor underneath it. 

4. Place Carpet Tape in the Hole

Next, place carpet tape in the hole, being especially sure to line the entire perimeter of the hole. This will be the adhesive that causes your carpet to stick into place. If you are having trouble working with the stickiness of the tape, try using the same butter knife to carefully smooth it into place.

5. Place the Replacement

Finally, put the replacement piece of carpeting into its place, making sure that it is running the same way as the rest of the carpet. By matching the nap, you can be sure that your repair will not be noticeable.

For larger areas that need repair, contact a carpet repair company for assistance. They will be able to make sure that your carpet looks as good as new.