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Answering Questions about Common Issues with Vacuum Cleaners

Your vacuum cleaner is likely one of the most important tools that you will need to keep your home free of dirt. While these cleaning tools are usually highly durable, it is possible for them to encounter a number of problems. For many individuals, these problems may seem like they are extremely difficult to correct, but this may not always be the case. There are two problems that vacuums may commonly encounter, and learning these answers will help you to have these issues addressed as efficiently as possible. 

What Causes the Vacuum to Develop Foul Odors?

Foul smelling odors coming from the vacuum is a common issue that many individuals will have to address at some point or another. Typically, this problem is caused by the growth of molds and mildews in the vacuum bag. These substances can start growing when the vacuum has not been emptied in a very long time. 

Luckily, this problem can usually be corrected by emptying the vacuum bag and changing the air filter. However, there may be times when these steps are ineffective at remedying this problem. If you have done these steps and the odor is still detectable, consider pouring a small amount of baking soda on the floor and vacuuming it up. As this powder circulates through the vacuum, it will help neutralize any odors that have been left behind in your unit. 

Why Is the Vacuum Struggling to Pick Up Dirt?

In addition to the development of foul odors, it is also possible for your vacuum to gradually lose the ability to pick up dirt and other particles from your flooring or carpeting. Often, this problem can be traced back to a compromised brush. If the brush is unable to turn, the vacuum will likely be unable to fully remove these items. 

To correct this issue, you will have to remove the brush from the attachment to clean and remove any materials that may be impeding the ability of the brush to turn. The steps for this will vary due to the type of vacuum that you own, but you can read a detailed guide outlining this maintenance step in your owner's manual or you can hire a professional like Everett Vacuum LLC to do it for you. 

Your vacuum cleaner is probably a tool that you use on a regular basis, but you may not know what to do when a couple of problems develop with your system. In addition to reducing wear and damage, these steps will also help reduce the time you spending cleaning by making sure that your vacuum is in peak working condition.