Understanding Carpet Cleaning Services

Who Is Going To Clean This Place Up?

You need some help keeping your house or workplace in order, so you've decided to hire a commercial cleaning service.  You may not be aware of the options available to you.  Many businesses do cleaning for homes, offices, and businesses large and small.  But the rates they charge, and even what they charge for can vary.  Here's the skinny on how to find what you need.

Get a quote/estimate

A lot of companies can give you a general idea of their pricing structure over the phone, but to get a real estimate on what you'll be paying, they'll usually come visit your property to see the space they'll be working with. For example, ask if you'll be paying a flat rate per visit, or if the company charges per square foot.  You'll be able to work out a plan of action from there.


Your cleaning service will most likely draw up an individual contract for you, so that you'll know what to expect from them when, as well as how much to pay.  This contract depends on a few different factors.

Maintenance vs. special services

If you just need someone to come once a week to empty trashcans, sweep and mop floors, and wash windows, these are all things that can usually be summed up in one regular rate.  But maybe once a month you require carpet cleaning, or you need a one-time re-waxing of your wood floors.  These kinds of services can also be included in the contract, separate from your usual payment.  Before meeting with your cleaning service to determine a contract, make a list of everything you'll require regularly, as well as any anticipated but less frequent needs.


Most often, cleaning services will use their own supplies, such as window cleaner, vacuums, gloves, etc., and build this cost into the price.  This also means that they can provide you with on-hand supplies you'll need, like trash bags.  If, however, you already have supplies that they'll need to get the job done, make sure they are aware of this when drawing up the contract.  This can sometimes help you get a small discount on your rate.

When and how often

In your contract, your cleaning company will also stipulate when they'll be around to do the cleaning.  Often, in the case of a business or office, this will be at night, after business hours.  Also, depending on your needs, this will include the frequency of cleaning visits. Talk to experts like Home & Commercial Cleaning Service for more information.