Understanding Carpet Cleaning Services

3 Ways to Keep Your Hotel Front Desk Clean & Germ-Free

When you own a hotel, your front desk is the main focal point of your business. You want the desk area to always appear clean, and be free of germs and bacteria so your staff and guests can be protected against airborne illnesses. Here are ways you can keep this area of your hotel spotless, especially during seasons where cold and flu viruses are prevalent.

Hire a cleaning service

This may sound like an unnecessary task since you likely have a housekeeping department, but you should consider a commercial cleaning service to come into your establishment and clean your entire lobby once a week.

These companies are well-skilled in cleaning the spaces you use the most often, including telephones, computers, chairs, and Internet stations your staff and guests use. A cleaning service can also deep-clean your coffee and hot chocolate makers and sanitize carpeting surrounding food areas so your staff and your guests are protected against potentially dangerous bacteria including staph and E. coli.

Install a ventilation system

Since your staff are always exposed to a variety of guests, you want to make sure that they are working in an ideal environment with quality air. Install a ventilation system behind the front desk so a flow of air is always in motion. This helps prevent germs from lingering in your lobby for long, and can help protect your guests and staff from airborne seasonal illnesses. In the summer months, crack open a few windows in the lobby so you have fresh air for everyone to breathe.

Clean your carpets monthly

Since a hotel experiences a lot of traffic in the lobby, it's important that you have a cleaning service steam and sanitize your carpeting once a month or so. If you are worried about a cleaning service interrupting the guests as they check in, consider contracting with the service provider to come in during late evening hours when guests are least likely to check in. Clean carpeting not only looks more attractive to guests, but helps eradicate stale odors and debris that can make your employees and guests ill.

Keeping your front desk and lobby clean for the health of your staff and guests is essential to running a successful hotel. Use a cleaning service like Metro Building Services and take measures to provide clean air, so your employees and guests can be less susceptible to airborne germs that can make them sick.