Understanding Carpet Cleaning Services

3 Ways To Make Your Carpet Last Between Cleanings

As a general rule, you should have your carpets cleaned once or twice a year in order to help maintain the cleanest floors possible. There are a few ways you can take care of your carpets when you're in between carpet cleanings, so you can have fluffy and pristine floors all year long. Here are 3 ways you can help your carpet last until you have them professionally cleaned again.

Clean the filters on your air conditioner/heater

When you walk into a doorway or open a bedroom or hallway door, do you notice dark lines in your carpeting? This is a classic sign of dirt filtration that gets stuck in your carpet from your furnace or air conditioner. Since one or the other of these units is almost constantly on to keep your home's temperature's comfortable, you can imagine the amount of dander, dirt, and hair that get released into the air. This gets stuck in your carpet as well, which can make them dirtier than usual. Prevent making your carpets filthy by cleaning out the filters in your AC or furnace often. This protects the air and your flooring.

Be careful with cleaning products

The only time you should be using cleaning products on your carpet is when you are having them professionally cleaned or when you are spot-treating a small spill. Using household carpet cleaning chemicals on your flooring can help create sticky residue buildup that breaks down your carpet's fibers over time. This is what makes carpets look dull and flat where they used to be fluffy and more lustrous. If you are a chronic carpet cleaner, stop. Hold off on the home shampooing and let a professional give your carpets the attention they need once or twice a year, and only break out the chemicals when you have a wine spill.

Vacuum every day

Dirt and gravel tear at and wear down carpet, which can make it prematurely age and thin. If you want your carpet to last, vacuum every single day, even in rooms that are not normally used such as a guest room or study. You protect your carpets and remove dander and hair as well, which makes your entire home cleaner. If you don't want to vacuum every day, at least vacuum every other day to keep your carpets fresh and always ready for company.

Keeping your carpets in great condition in between cleaning doesn't take a lot of work to see great rewards. In toning down the self cleaning, vacuuming more often, and making sure all filters in your furnace or AC are clean, you can have your carpets fresh and ready for a professional cleaning any time of the year.