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3 Tips For Preventing Damage To Your Sofa After A Flood

Whether you are dealing with a major appliance leak in your home or are in the middle of a natural disaster, you are probably pretty worried about your personal possessions and how they will fare after it's all over. For example, you could be concerned about your sofa and whether or not it will be damaged due to the excess water. Although sofas and other upholstered furniture can certainly become permanently damaged due to flooding, there are ways that you can protect your precious furniture. Give these tips a try, and you'll be more likely to preserve your sofa after this tragedy.

1. Strip it Down

If possible, strip down your sofa as much as you can without doing any added damage to it. For example, you'll need to take off the throw pillows and back cushions if possible; this will help prevent your couch from staying wet and will also help prevent any color bleeding. If you can, remove the seat cushion covers. Once you have removed all of these things from your couch, you can hang them each up separately to dry.

2. Protect Wood Surfaces

If your sofa has any wooden surfaces, such as the feet, cover them up with a plastic bag or piece of plastic wrap. This will help prevent rotting, color bleeding and water staining.

3. Dry it Off

Do what you can to get your sofa as dry as possible, as quickly as possible. First of all, if you have a wet-dry vacuum cleaner, you can use it to remove as much water as possible from your sofa. If the weather calls for it, you can take your sofa outside to dry out in the sun; the faster that it dries, the less of a chance there is of mildew, mold or musty odors. If you can't take it outside, consider opening up your windows and turning on several fans. You can even point fans at your sofa to help it dry.

3. Call a Mold Remediation Company

A good mold remediation company is accustomed to handling water-damaged furniture and other belongings that have gotten too wet. One of these companies will help get rid of any leftover moisture, will check for and get rid of mold and help you restore your piece as well as possible.

Realizing that your sofa has been soaked in a flood can be heartbreaking. Luckily, following these three tips will help you preserve your furniture.