Understanding Carpet Cleaning Services

Are Your Carpet Care Techniques Damaging Your Carpeting?

Everyone loves the feel of clean carpeting under their feet in their homes, but sometimes, some of the things that are done to keep the carpeting clean could be causing damage to the carpeting. Here, you will learn what it is that you could be doing that could actually be damaging your carpet so that you can avoid making those mistakes.

Vacuuming Mistakes

What is likely the most common vacuuming mistake is not vacuuming often enough. Your carpet can capture a lot of dust and dirt and hold it deep inside the fibers. Although your carpeting looks clean, the dirt deep in the fibers can be causing damage to the fibers. Try your best to vacuum high-traffic areas at least twice each week and all other areas no less than once a week.

Another common mistake is vacuuming with the vacuum height set too low. If the beater brush on the vacuum is set too low, it will beat your carpet instead of brushing it. After vacuuming this way so many times, the carpeting will begin to show wear and will not look as fluffy and full as it once did. Set the vacuum height to where it is just brushing the carpeting, not pounding it.

There is one last way vacuuming can damage your carpeting. Your vacuuming technique should include short, multi-directional strokes. Avoid sweeping your carpet with long strokes just moving in one direction. Each area of the carpeting should be gone over with the vacuum at least a few times each time you vacuum. No vacuum can suck the deep-down dirt in one pass.

Cleaning Mistakes

First and foremost, too much cleaning solution should never be applied to carpeting. For spot cleaning, look for a foaming spot cleaning solution. The foam will not saturate the carpet like liquid solution does. As the foam sets, it will work to break down the stain. Liquid solution, on the other hand, will go straight to the padding and into the wood under the padding.

Using a carpet scrubbing machine can also cause damage to your carpeting. If you are not using a machine of the highest quality, chances are, you are leaving a lot of dirt, water and cleaning solution behind. That residue can build up and eventually cause the carpeting to become discolored, smell bad and possibly grow bacteria and mold.

Not having the carpeting professionally cleaned at least once each year is the final mistake that many homeowners make. If you do not have someone come out and use commercial equipment to deep clean your carpeting, you are causing damage. The machines professionals use are powerful enough to extract the deep down dirt and clean the carpets fully.

Keep these things in mind as you tend to your home cleaning routine. Proper care of your carpeting can keep your carpeting and your home looking and smelling better for a much longer time.

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