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3 Tips For Cleaning Your House For Sale

A clean house is a sold house, as far as your realtor is concerned, so you've been tidying up your house for days, trying to get it ready to show. If you're looking for tips to quickly and efficiently clean your house so that it's ready for show, then here's what you need to know.

Tip #1: Blow Away the Competition

Pressure washers are great in getting large surfaces sparkling clean in very little time, so they should be your go-to tool for the outside of your house. Cleaning your siding with a pressure washer is easy -- simply hook up the solution to the jet spray and start with low pressured, smooth strokes from the bottom up. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes (or less if it's a sunny day and the solution starts to dry on the siding) then blast off the scum. Pressure washers work extremely quickly and powerfully, so be careful not to spray too closely or for too long, as it may take the paint off your home. If the house looks clean, you're probably done.

Once you're done with your siding (or while you're letting the solution sit), turn your attention to the driveway and spray it down. You don't need to use the cleaning solution for this portion, so just keep spraying until all dirt and smudges are gone. 

Tip #2: Slip On, Slip Off

Your couch cushions and covers need the same amount of attention as the rest of the house -- a dirty couch, even if you're not leaving the couch behind as part of the house, can leave a bad impression on your potential buyers and make them more aware of any other dirt in your house.

There are a few different methods in order to get your cloth looking like new. If they're removable, take the time to get them dry cleaned -- it doesn't cost very much, and can make a world of difference. If not, spot-clean the best you can and run the vacuum hose thoroughly over the material. If there's still a few questionable spots, take a brightly-colored afghan that matches your decor and drape it artistically over the chair and/or couch. It'll pull the room together while hiding any unsightly splotches.

Tip #3: Let There Be Light

If you look up at your light fixtures, you'll find the veritable horde of bud bodies and smudges that could make your home get passed over by prospective buyers. Fortunately, these are easy to clean -- simply take off the fixture (making sure that the light if off first) and wash it with hot water and soap. Before you replace it, dust the light itself carefully then wipe around the area. Once you put the light fixture back, step away to make sure the area is free of swipes and streaks.

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