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How To Prevent Dust Mites

As stomach-turning as it sounds, the bulk of household dust is made up of tiny flakes of human and possibly pet skin, if you have them. People (and some pets) are constantly renewing their skin, with a full renewal completed every seven years. The flakes that turn up your dust cloths are completely normal, but because they are organic, they are a source of food. This food source attracts dust mites.

Dust mites are tiny, microscopic creatures living in many homes, in heavily dust-laden items and areas. Many people experience an unpleasant reaction to dust mites, making it important to get rid of them. While you may not be able to banish them completely, it's possible to limit their presence in your home, and especially in the places they are most bothersome, usually the bed and carpeting.

Keep it clean

Washing bedding regularly using hot water is a good first step. Consider washing weekly, and if hot water isn't possible, use a hot dryer. Wash pillows and stuffed animals too, being sure to dry thoroughly. If you have pets, wash their beds as often as other linens in your home. You also want to clean your curtains regularly, as they are a frequent contributor to excessive dust. Consider allergen covers for your mattresses and pillows.

Your carpets and rugs are another common source of dust. Vacuum frequently, using a HEPA filter vacuum. Steam clean the carpets regularly, and have your carpets cleaned professionally if they are older and you feel they are a good source of dust. Dust your furniture frequently as well, but use a damp duster rather than a dry dusting method, as this captures more dust. Vacuum and clean under the bed and behind large furniture or appliances that aren't normally frequently moved.

Make changes to your home

Take care to consider new items being brought in the home. Determine whether they can be washed frequently, or if they will only add to clutter. Clutter leads to more dust, and increased dust leads to more dust mites. If it isn't necessary, don't bring it into the home, and de-clutter existing areas. Use an air conditioner or dehumidifier to keep the moisture levels lower in your house, as humidity contributes to the health of dust mites, as well as molds. Use the highest level of filtration for your furnace filter. For severe dust mite allergies, removing carpeting especially from the bedroom but also throughout the home may be necessary. Reducing the areas of dust in your home will significantly reduce the amount of dust mites. It isn't possible to eliminate them completely in a residential home, but most sufferers of dust mite allergies find much relief when the dust levels are at minimal levels. Talk to a professional like Kleen As A Whistle for more information.