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Need To Clean Your Windows? 3 Tips For Sparkling Panes

Are your windows covered with dust, grime, and water spots? Before you grab a ladder, some paper towels, and your favorite household all-purpose cleaner, it is important to understand that there is a right way and a wrong way to clean glass. Here are three tips for getting your windowpanes sparkling clean:  

1: Use The Right Cleaning Products

If you are like most people, you probably have a collection of cleaning products under your kitchen sink. Unfortunately, different chemicals serve different purposes, and the wrong cleaner could leave your windows covered in streaks. For example, stainless steel cleaners sometimes contain oil to leave your appliances shiny. When you use stainless steel cleaner to wash your windows, you might end up adding to the mess.

To leave your windows clean and shiny, only use products designed to clean glass. Most glass cleaning products contain chemicals that evaporate quickly and leave very little residue. If you don't have any glass cleaner on hand, you can make your own by combining warm water with a few teaspoons of regular dish soap.

As you apply cleaner to your glass, remember that a little moisture can go a long way. Work in small areas so that you can control the flow of cleaner and avoid drips. 

2: Use Professional Equipment

To clean your windows like a professional, you need to use the right equipment. Here are two items that can make your window cleaning session a success:

  • Squeegee: By using a rubber squeegee, you can quickly remove cleaning solution and dry the entire area in one swipe. As you move your squeegee across each window, try to catch the drips from previous swipes. Between each pass, wipe the squeegee dry.  
  • Lint-Free Cloth: Wipe the area dry with a lint free cloth if you need to sop up extra water. If you don't feel like buying expensive cloths at the store, consider tearing up an old t-shirt. The tight jersey knit won't leave behind tiny fibers.

By having the right cleaning equipment ready to go, you can window cleaning easier and much more effective.

3: Watch Your Technique

If your windows were really grimy, you might be ready to get in there and scrub your heart out. Unfortunately, rubbing windows too vigorously can leave behind a mess, even if you aren't using damaging equipment.

Remember that rubbing too hard could cause water to spray onto surrounding panes. Additionally, If you rub too hard as you dry windows, it can cause static electricity to build up on the glass and attract tiny bits of debris. To fend off trouble, focus on your technique and work lightly.  

Understanding the right way to clean your windows might save you from hours of scrubbing in vain. Feel free to call the professionals at Lindas Country Cleaners for professional window cleaning services.